The Abundance of the Inflated Ego Girl

Fat, ugly, overrated, cellulite-ful, mediocre, bad attitude, and poor taste represents everything about most girls in the club.  I just find it funny that all these girls that are 3’s and 5’s go to the club and try to act like they are 8’s and 9’s.  The only reason why a person should go clubbing is if its in Vegas — Bay Area (SJ and SF) clubs are garbage.

Maybe i’m just a snob and think a lot of the people dress low-class and look like thugs or cheap hookers.  Or maybe i’m just spoiled because I’ve dated a stripper and they keep it classy like wearing heels, lingerie, and dresses 90% of the time.  I’m just tired of seeing girls that don’t work out or take care of themselves think they are the best thing since sliced bread.

Tip: Dress classier, stop being a bitch, and work-out.  And AFC’s quit pumping up these ugly girls egos.  Case Closed.

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Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Get Sexy — P90x

If you are not familiar with the P90X, this is the BEST at-home workout there is.  In summer 2009 I did P90x for 30 days and boy I got ripped.  I lost about 20 pounds and built quite a bit of muscle, and even had an emerging 4-pack.  I started over again a few days ago and am currently on Day 5, Legs and Back.  I’m still very much sore from Plyometrics on Day 2 and am deciding to take a break today as my hamstrings are crying and I can barely move my legs.

Although it is only Day 5 I am already beginning to see results and getting very lean and already building plenty of muscle.  If you are wondering if I am using any supplements I am, and here is the list.

1. 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition.

2.  Gaspari Superpump 250 original formula

3. Prolabs Creapure Creatine Monohydrate (I will be receiving my jug today!)

My current diet that I am shooting for is 45% Protein 45% Carbohydrates and 10% Fat for fat burning and muscle building.  Aiming for calorie count of roughly 1800-2200 calories a day.

Here is an example of my daily diet.

Breakfast: 1/4 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup (8oz) 1% milk, 1 scoop ON Whey, 2 slices Whole Grain Toast, 2 tablespoons Peanut Butter, 3 Slices Extra Lean Ham from Costco

Preworkout: 1 scoop Superpump 250, 8-12 ounces of water

Post Workout and Lunch: 1 cup (8oz) 1% milk, 1 scoop ON Whey, 1-2 Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts, 2 servings Broccoli, 1/2-1 cup Quinoa or Brown Rice.

Snack: 1 cup yogurt, or 1 slice whole-grain toast and extra lean ham or PB

Dinner: 1/2 – 1 Cup Brown rice or quinoa, 1-2 Chicken Breasts or red meat, Broccoli/spinach/ or green beans.

Daily Water Intake: Minimum 8 cups of water

Staying consistent with the diet is probably the most important part of building muscle and losing weight.  A lot of people work out, but don’t have the right diet and complain about not getting results.  DROP THE WENDY’s AND MCDONALDS!!!! Eat whole non-processed foods and complex carbohydrates with balanced nutrition.  That is all you need period.  Cut out sodas and any sugary crap and just drink water and your protein shakes.

Keep up your workouts and get plenty of rest and you will be on your way to being ripped!

Any tips or questions? Leave a comment and we can start a discussion!

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Basics: Improve Your Image Improve your Game

Let’s face it, one of the easiest aspects to improving your game is to improve your IMAGE.  When I say image I am referring to the way you dress, the way you style your hair, and your general physique.

The way I started out I did everything completely wrong.  I went to a private school growing up so all I knew was dark navy blue corduroy pants, a plain white polo, and some tacky blue and yellow sweatshirt (school colors).  Paired with my signature Asian bowl haircut I was an all-star making pussies wet.  Not.

Let’s start out with the way we dress.  For you nerdy kids or people with no sense of fashion let’s start with the bread and butter of looking halfway decent.  I will separate a few different categories that I specialize in.  Some words that would describe my style in a nutshell would be urban, modern, classy, simple, and clean.  I don’t wear purple Nike SBs and yellow shirts with big words saying Bay Area or Get Hyphy.  That shit is not my style, but if it works for you and girls like it keep it up.

Casual, Dressy, Clubbing, Up-scale:

Undershirt: Solid black or white FITTED shirt will work here.  Also a nice graphic Tee will work if thats your style.

Button up Collared Long Sleeved Shirt FITTED–  Brands: Express, H&M, Heritage, and Guess are good brands.  You can’t go wrong with black as its pretty standard, but you won’t stand out as being original.  I personally like red paired with a black skinny tie for the loose tie look.  Play around with contrasting color combinations — Skinny ties are in right now!

Jeans FITTED – Brands: Diesel, H&M, Gap is ok, Rock & Republic, True Religion, Nudies.  The reason why I say fitted jeans is because it looks a lot classier and its pretty much the in thing nowadays.  Baggy pants are pretty much out unless you are ghetto, and chances are if you fit in this demographic you probably aren’t even reading this blog.  Dark Blue, Black, or any color works well as fitted jeans work well with most anything.

Shoes CASUAL – Brands: Aldo, Steve Madden, Ecco.

I personally am a fan of Aldo shoes, they have some cool sneaker lines nowadays that look classy, modern, and stylish.  These same shoes are also acceptable in the club atmosphere. An example here

Accessories: Watches (Guess, Diesel, Seiko, any expensive brand $100+ will do the trick)  Also rings, bracelets, and necklaces also help.  Tribal necklaces and bracelets are pretty popular right now, but you may also opt for some sort of metal. Also try getting a nice looking belt, you would be surprised how many girls will comment on how cool your belt is.

Underwear: Yes I am covering underwear.  Your outfit is shit if a girl is pulling your pants off and you are wearing whitey tighteys.  Get that shit out of here.  Please get some BOXER BRIEFS, or BOXERS.  Ladies like to see boxer briefs as its damn sexy.

HAIRCUT: Anything works as long as it looks clean or good just make sure it doesn’t look raggedy.  I’m personally a fan of short hair, but I am in the process of growing out a mini-mohawk type deal.  If you want to fit with a classy profile keep your hair short and clean period.

Cologne: My personal favorites, Acqua Di Gio, Armani Mania, and Kenneth Cole Reaction.  Make sure you pick a cologne that fits your style and personality.  Also I recommend buying more expensive cologne as girls will be impressed when they ask you what you are wearing.  Directions: 1 spray on neck, 1 spray on wrist (rub together with other wrist), 1 spray on shirt, and 1 spray on fingers and rub behind the ears.  The cologne behind the ears is important as girls will smell it when they whisper in your ear at the club!

This post is getting mighty long…….. but I will continue this soon!  To be continued…..

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